Change Directors' Information

When the directors of a society change, or the address or legal name of an existing director needs updating, file this change as soon as possible.

The Importance of Filing by Effective Date

Each change has an effective date – the day and time when a filing comes into effect. It is important that changes are filed in order of effective date so that your society’s records are correct as of any given date. It also ensures that changes in previous filings are carried forward for editing in future filings.

Changes filed out of order can make the current list of directors incorrect, requiring you to request a correction to the register, and possibly delaying certain types of filing.

If you have any question about effective dates, or if you are uncertain how to complete your filing, please contact the Societies Unit at 1 877 526-1526.

Filing a Director Change with an Annual Report

If the change in directors occurred at an annual general meeting, you should update the director information as part of the annual report filing for that meeting. A separate filing is not required. The effective date of the change is the date of the annual general meeting.

To avoid possible delays in filing the Annual Report, please ensure that any outstanding changes in directors that occurred other than at an annual general meeting are filed.​

​Filing a Director Change other than at an Annual General Meeting

If any information about a director changes – other than at an annual general meeting – you need to file those changes as soon as possible. This will avoid errors in your society’s records and possible delay of other filings.

If a director’s information – such as legal name, mailing or delivery address – changes, then the effective date is the date of filing. If you are adding, removing or replacing a director, the date of the change is the effective date.