Change Your Society's Bylaws

To file a change in bylaws, make sure the change has been authorized by special resolution and submit a bylaw alteration application through Societies Online.

Transition First

Pre-existing societies that have not yet transitioned must complete the transition process before submitting a bylaw alteration application for filing. Note: some bylaw changes can be made as part of the transition process.

Comply with the Act

When changing bylaws make sure they continue to contain the matters (provisions) required by Section 11 of the Societies Act.

Societies are responsible for ensuring their bylaws comply with the Societies Act so please seek legal advice if you require assistance in drafting or changing bylaws.

What to Prepare

Before you log in to Societies Online to start the bylaw alteration application, make sure you have the following ready:

  1. The date the special resolution changing the bylaws was passed
  2. A complete set of updated bylaws (in English). You will be asked to upload the bylaws so make sure the bylaw document is in one of the following file formats: doc, .docx, .wpd, .txt, .rtf, or .pdf
  3. A brief description of the changes that can be cut and paste (or typed) into the application. For example: Changed bylaw 2, 4 and 5; Deleted bylaw 30; Replaced bylaws in their entirety.

File with Societies Online

File bylaw changes and required documents through Societies Online and pay by

  • Credit card
  • Pre-authorized debit or
  • BC OnLine account

Don't have internet access? You may also complete your filings at a Service BC location by using a community access terminal.

Using Societies Online for the first time? You will need to set up a Basic BCeID account and have your society's Registry Key (password) handy before you start.

Log in to Societies Online to file a bylaw alteration application

Effective Date for Changes

Bylaw changes take effect once the bylaw alteration application has been submitted and filed.

Once a filing is complete, certified copies of the documents are available to download from your society's dashboard at your convenience. If you prefer, you may also choose to receive your copies by email, mail or courier pick-up.