Update Records for an Extraprovincial Non-share Corporation

Be sure to keep the registered information for your extraprovincial non-share corporation up to date to maintain compliance with the Societies Act.

File with Societies Online

File changes for your extraprovincial non-share corporation through Societies Online and pay by

  • Credit card
  • Pre-authorized debit or
  • BC OnLine account

Don’t have internet access? You may also complete your filings at a Service BC location by using a community access terminal.

Using Societies Online for the first time? You will need to set up a Basic BCeID account and have your extraprovincial non-share corporation’s Registry Key (password) handy before you start.

Once a filing is complete, certified copies of the documents are available to download from your extraprovincial non-share corporation’s dashboard at your convenience. If you prefer, you may also choose to receive copies by email, mail or courier pick-up.

Change of Name

Submit a notice of change of name for an extraprovincial non-share corporation in order to

  • Reflect a change of name in the home jurisdiction
  • Change the assumed name to a different assumed name
  • Cancel the assumed name and use the name the extraprovincial non-share corporation uses in its home jurisdiction

Unless your extraprovincial non-share corporation is a federal corporation, you will first need to submit a name request (reserve a name).

Change Jurisdiction or Head Office Information

A registered extraprovincial non-share corporation may change its home jurisdiction and the mailing and delivery address of its head office. File these changes as soon as possible.

Change Attorney Information

Unless the head office of the extraprovincial non-share corporation is in B.C., at least one attorney is required to receive notices and accept service in B.C. on behalf of the extraprovincial non-share corporation.

File any changes to attorney information (names and addresses) as soon as possible.

An attorney can be:

  • An individual who is resident in B.C.
  • A B.C. society
  • A B.C. company

Note: If the head office for your extraprovincial non-share corporation is within B.C., having an attorney is optional.