How to Apply for Full Reinstatement

Step 1: Name Request

Unless your extraprovincial non-share corporation is a federal corporation, you will need to submit a name request through Societies Online to reserve a name.

Why is this required?  When the registration for the extraprovincial non-share corporation was cancelled, the name for that corporation became available for use by other entities operating in B.C. To reinstate a registration, a name request application must be submitted to ensure the name your extraprovincial non-share corporation wants to use is available.

If the name your extraprovincial non-share corporation uses in its home jurisdiction is not available for use in B.C, choose an assumed name to use in B.C.

Step 2: File Overdue Annual Reports

All overdue annual reports must be submitted for filing with the reinstatement application before an extraprovincial non-share corporation's registration can be fully reinstated. Download and complete the required number of annual report forms.

Step 3: Complete the Reinstatement Application

You will need the following information for the application:

  • Approved (reserved) name and name request number (unless federal)
  • Applicant (see note below)
  • A current head office address (include a delivery address if different than the mailing address)
  • Names and addresses for each person who will be an attorney (an attorney is not required if the extraprovincial non-share corporation’s head office is located in B.C.)

An email address for the extraprovincial non-share corporation is also requested.

About applicants: The reinstatement application requires an applicant. The applicant can be the extraprovincial non-share corporation or an individual, who at the time of application, is a member of the board of directors or other governing body of the extraprovincial non-share corporation.

About attorneys: An attorney is deemed to be authorized to receive notices and accept service in B.C. on behalf of the extraprovincial non-share corporation. An attorney can be

  • An individual who is resident in B.C.
  • A B.C. society
  • A B.C. company

If the head office is outside B.C., the extraprovincial non-share corporation must appoint at least one attorney. If the head office is within B.C., then having an attorney is optional.

Step 4: Submit the Application and Payment

Send the completed form, required documents (such as outstanding annual report forms) and payment to:

BC Registries and Online Services

PO Box 9431 Stn Prov Govt

Victoria, BC  V8W 9V3

Make cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance. You may also make payment through your BC Online account.


Once the filing is complete and the registration of the extraprovincial non-share corporation is reinstated, the applicant will receive a copy of the certificate of reinstatement. The extraprovincial non-share corporation will receive certified copies of the reinstatement documents, including the certificate and reinstatement application.