How to Register an Extraprovincial Non-share Corporation

A society or association incorporated or otherwise formed outside British Columbia must, within two months of starting to carry on activities in B.C.,  register as an extraprovincial non-share corporation.

What You Will Need

Unless the extraprovincial non-share corporation is federally incorporated, the name used by an extraprovincial non-share corporation in B.C. must be approved by the registrar. This is to ensure the name is not the same or similar to another name in use in B.C.. You may wish to have three name choices ready in case your first choice is not available.

  • Home jurisdiction (where the extraprovincial non-share corporation was incorporated or otherwise formed)
  • Name used in the home jurisdiction
  • Date of formation in home jurisdiction
  • Incorporation or other identifying number in home jurisdiction
  • Mailing address
  • Delivery address (if different from the mailing address)

A delivery address is a location at which a record could be physically left with a representative or agent of the society, or in a mail slot at that address.

An email address is also requested and will be used to send notifications like the Annual Report reminder and information regarding any upcoming Corporate Registry changes.

Unless the head office of the extraprovincial non-share corporation is in B.C., you must appoint one or more attorneys to represent your extraprovincial non-share corporation in B.C. For each attorney provide:

  • Name of the attorney
  • Attorney’s mailing address  and delivery address (if different than the mailing address)

An attorney can be:

  • An individual who is resident in B.C.
  • A B.C. society
  • A B.C. company

Each attorney is deemed to be authorized to receive notices and accept service in B.C. on behalf of the extraprovincial non-share corporation.

If the head office is within B.C., having an attorney is optional.


Let's Begin

You will be using an application called Societies Online to send us your information. There are two main steps:

  1. Submit a name request – you will receive a name request reservation number once a name has been approved and reserved for your extraprovincial non-share corporation.
  2. Use the name request reservation number to complete the rest of the registration application: home jurisdiction, head office and attorney information.

Note: If you are using Societies Online for the first time, you will be asked to create a BCeID account.