Privacy & Information Management Training for the General Public

The provincial government offers privacy and information management training to the general public and private sector organizations. These sessions explain how and why your organization must:

  • Understand and support personal information and privacy awareness
  • Handle personal and confidential information responsibly
  • Prevent information incidents in the workplace, including privacy breaches

These sessions are designed to support your organization’s internal privacy training

Scheduled Training Sessions

You can attend pre-scheduled training sessions offered to the public at no cost.

Upcoming Sessions

  • No sessions scheduled at this time

If you’d like to be notified of upcoming sessions, complete a request for training information form (PDF).

Dedicated Training Sessions

You can request dedicated privacy training delivered in person or by webinar. This training is offered on a cost recovery basis. You’ll only be charged for any costs incurred to offer the training, such as travel and accommodation expenses, not for the presenter’s time.

To request a dedicated training session, complete and submit a training request intake form (PDF).