Online Filing and the BC Services Card

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Online Filing Basics

Why are filings for BC cooperatives moving online?

The BC Government conducted research with a number of BC cooperatives, and 94% of those surveyed said that they would like to file online. Online filing also lets us save paper and provides cooperatives with a quicker, easier filing experience.

Can I still submit my filings via paper?

You can submit your address changes, director changes and annual report filings on paper up until November 4th, 2019. After that, these filings will move online for BC cooperatives. Cooperatives based outside of B.C. will be able to complete online filings by late 2020.

When are the other filing types going to be online?

As modernization efforts continue, we will move more filings to Cooperatives Online. Stay updated by visiting our news and updates page regularly! You can also subscribe to updates using the “Subscribe” box on the right side of the news and updates page.

How do I pay for my filings?

Currently, Cooperatives Online can accept all credit cards, including prepaid credit cards and Visa debit cards. More payment methods will be available in the future.

About the BC Services Card

What is the BC Services Card?

The BC Services Card is a form of identification available to B.C. residents. It is designed to be set up as a digital identity that you can use to access government services online.

You probably have a BC Services Card already, as it is used to access medical care and can be combined with a BC driver’s license. Not sure if you have a BC Services Card? Check the front of your drivers’ license or health card for the words “Services Card.”  

Why use the BC Services Card for Cooperatives Online?

In the digital era, trust is hard to earn and security is imperative. As service providers, government must give citizens a highly secure and private way to access online services. It is also important for government to know who is receiving those services.

The BC Services Card provides that trust. When you use your card to log in to government services online, it uses two-factor authentication to keep your information safe. The card was designed using the same enhanced security features as the B.C. driver’s license. These security features meet the highest standards for integrity and security and help protect your personal information and prevent misuse.

What information will BC Registries be able to access from my card?

To log in to Cooperatives online, you will use a mobile version (link to below) of your BC Services Card. The only information BC Registries can access from your mobile card is your first and last name. Access to information on your mobile card is tightly restricted to only provide the information the service requires. In the case of BC Registries, we use your name for digital signatures when you submit your filings

Registries cannot access your medical or driving records, and we cannot see any other services you access with your card.

If Registries can only access the name from my card, why can’t I just type in my name?

Anybody can type in your name, but your BC Services Card is specific to you. You must verify your identity with a government agent when you set your card up for online use, and this provides an extra level of assurance that you are the authorized cardholder.

Your BC Services Card also contains a unique identifier, which the system uses in combination with your name to keep your account safe. These security features help ensure that nobody else can get into your account and perform undesired actions using your name.

Learn how to use your BC Services Card to access Online Services

There are two ways to use your BC Services Card to log in to online services:

  1. Use a mobile card, which is a representation of a BC Services Card on an iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device. To set up a mobile card, you will need to verify your identity by video chat.
  2. Use a card reader and passcode. The card reader allows you to read the unique chip embedded in your BC Services Card. Card readers are available for pickup at Service BC offices, and you must verify your identity in person when you pick one up.

For more information on the BC Services Card, visit the BC Services Card website.

Accounts, Users, and Teams

I received the passcode letter for my cooperative. Do I need to be the person who sets up my cooperative’s account on Cooperatives Online?

The person who receives the passcode letter does not have to be the one to set up the cooperative’s account. Whoever sets up the account for your cooperative becomes the account’s owner. This means they have additional responsibilities, including the authority to add and remove other users. Once your cooperative has considered who should have these responsibilities, that person should set up your cooperative’s account.

I am part of a law firm that files on behalf of multiple coops. How does this work?

You will be able to file on behalf of multiple coops using the “Manage Businesses” tab on your account. To connect a new coop to your account, you will need the cooperative’s passcode, which is sent in the mail to the cooperative’s registered office address. If a passcode is not received at this address, please contact BC Registries.

 Members of law firms also need to use their BC Services Card for access.

There are multiple people in my cooperative or firm who need access to file. How does this work?

The “Manage Teams” feature allows you to invite new team members to file on your behalf. Each new team member will need to sign in with their own BC Services Card. For more information on teams, please see our teams info sheet.