Making Changes

Changing the Name of Your Business

The process for changing your existing business name is a two-step process.

Step 1:  Request and reserve a new business name.

Step  2:  After you have completed the name approval process and received a Name Request (NR) number, you can change the name of your business by submitting one of the following forms below depending on the type of your business.

Please note that all changes to business names cannot be submitted online.

Changing Your Business Address

You must have signing authority to change the location and mailing address of a business and will need your registration number.  If you are changing your business address location, it must be a physical address and include a postal code. If your location address does not have street names or numbers, provide a description that will readily allow a person to locate you (e.g., the 2nd house on the left side, 4 miles west on Central County Road, Creston, B.C.).

To make an address change complete one of the following forms depending on the type of your business:

How to submit changes

Your can submit the appropriate change form in person at a Service BC Centre or OneStop Service location, or by mail.

There is no fee for changing the address of your business. There is however a fee of $40.00 to make a name change. This can be paid by cash, credit card or cheque payable to the Minister of Finance.

Changing from a Proprietorship to a Partnership (or vice versa)

If you would like to change your organization from a proprietorship to a partnership or vice versa, you will need to register an entirely new business by following the steps outlined in Registering Proprietorships and Partnerships.

You may also wish to dissolve the original business after you have registered the new business. You can do this by following the steps outlined in Dissolving a Proprietorship or Partnership.

Correcting a Mistake in Your Registration

If you made a mistake in your business name, you will need to follow the steps outlined in Changing Company Name.

To correct mistakes other than your name or type of ownership, complete the appropriate Statement of Registration form with the correct information and print it. There is no fee to file an amendment.

Once you have printed the form, you will need to add the following details in pen:

  1. Write “Amendment” on the top of the page under the form title.
  2. Write the registration number, and registration date, in the “Corporate Registry Number” box.

How to submit an amendment

You can submit by email, fax or in-person at any Service BC location.