Apply for a Business Licence Through OneStop

Most municipalities and other local governments require the licensing of business premises.

There are currently 84 local governments that accept business licence applications through OneStop. Licensing requirements and fees vary from one local government to another. Choose the location you need to get more information before you apply.

Some local governments require more information than what you provide through OneStop. Once you start your application, they will let you know what else they need and how to get that information to them.

Mobile Business Licence

Consider a mobile (also known as inter-municipal or inter-community) licence if you are conducting business in more than one municipality or other local government.

What is This?

Some local governments  have a mobile licensing agreement in place that will allow your business to operate in other participating local governments under one (mobile) business licence. There are currently 15 mobile business licence agreements in British Columbia representing over 100 municipal and regional districts.