Registering a US Limited Liability Company

Step 1: Request Name Approval and Reservation

The first step for a foreign Limited Liability Company (LLC) to register in B.C. as an extraprovincial company is to apply for a name approval. The name reserved must be the foreign entity’s own name in its current jurisdiction.  If the foreign entity’s own name is not available, the foreign entity may reserve and adopt an assumed name for use in B.C. 

Step 2:  Prepare and Submit a Registration Statement

Once the name has been approved and reserved, submit the following by mail.

Note:  A company formed outside of Canada who has had its name conditionally approved to extraprovincially register to carry on business in BC must submit proof of existence (e.g. certificate of status) certified by the foreign entity’s home jurisdiction. The certificate must be dated within the last year.

Step 3:  Keep Documents as Part of Your Company’s Records

Once your application is processed, we will send you:

  • The original Certificate of Registration
  • A certified copy of the Registration Statement
  • A Maintaining your Extraprovincial Company information sheet

Keep these documents as part of the company’s records.  You will need the registration number when you file other documents with us.

Business Number - You will need your Business Number when applying for a GST number or other accounts at Canada Revenue Agency or the Ministry of Finance.