Filing an Annual Report

To maintain an active status and good standing, incorporated companies must file an annual report each year within two months after the anniversary date of the company’s incorporation, amalgamation, extraprovincial registration or continuation into B.C.


If you file annual reports using a BC OnLine account, be sure to indicate if you would like to be sent a reminder at the time you file your report. The annual report reminder is sent to the company on its recognition date if you have indicated you would like a reminder. If you wish to receive your reminder electronically, include a company email address. Extraprovincial companies will only receive a reminder if we have an email address on file. 

Electronic Filing

File your report electronically through Corporate Online. Your access code for online filing will be on your annual report reminder.

Pay the filing fee through a Corporate Online account or use your credit card.

If you cannot file the application electronically, prepare the paper forms and contact a law firm or registry agent to submit the forms for you. Check with the law firm or registry agent regarding additional fees.