Amalgamation: Regular

Step 1: Request Name Approval and Reservation

To ensure the public is not confused or misled by similar corporate names, new corporate names must be approved by BC Registries and Online Services. 

If you choose to use the incorporation number as the company’s name, you do not need a name approval and reservation. The incorporation number is assigned by us at the time the amalgamation application is filed.

Step 2: File Amalgamation Application

Once your new name has been approved, you need to submit an online amalgamation application. You will need the BC company incorporation number and company password for each amalgamating company.To ensure you have all the information you need before you start the online application, you may wish to fill out a paper copy of the application first.

You can complete your filing through Corporate Online using a credit card or for BC OnLine customers, file using your BC OnLine account. Corporate Online has online help information to help you through the process. 

If you cannot file the application electronically, prepare the paper forms and contact a law firm or registry agent to submit the forms for you. Check with the law firm or registry agent regarding additional fees.