Keeping Records Up to Date

Your certified copy of your co-op Memorandum of Association and Rules of the Association should be kept in your association record book. You are required to provide a copy to each member upon request. Every director should also have a copy of the Cooperative Association Act and be aware of its contents.

First AGM and Filing an Annual Report 

Your first Annual General Meeting (AGM) of members must be held within three months after the date of incorporation, or within a later period if approved by the Registrar. Future AGMs must be held once every calendar year within four months after the end of the association’s fiscal year. Your annual report must be filed within two months after each AGM. 

Be sure to file changes and documents promptly to maintain a good standing and active status with the Registry. 

To file changes please go to Cooperatives Online

Making Changes to your Registered Information 

Your co-op must pass a special resolution to change the rules or memorandum of your co-op. This may be done at an AGM. Members must be given at least 14 days notice of the meeting and the agenda. No less than two thirds of the votes cast by members in favour of the changes are required to pass the special resolution, or three quarters if required by the Cooperative Association Act or the co-op’s rules.

Once the special resolution is passed, you must file this new information on a Special Resolution form, provided below. Changes take effect once documents are verified and filed by registry staff.

File within 15 days of the change. 

Change of Name

  1. Submitting a Name Approval Request 
  2. Pass a special resolution for name change. 
  3. Access and complete a Special Resolution form (PDF)
  4. Submit documents/form and fees.

Once a new name is approved, the previous name will be removed from the register and may be used by another association.

Change of Registered Office  

Notice of change to your co-op's registered office address must be filed immediately. Failure to comply may result in a co-op being dissolved and struck from the register.