Non-medical cannabis legislation and regulations

For non-medical cannabis, the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) is regulated under the provincial:

There are also federal cannabis legislation and regulations enforced by Health Canada: 

For questions about the federal rules, contact Health Canada's Cannabis Information Centre by 

The Liquor Distribution Branch operates within the legislative framework provided by the, BC Cannabis Distribution Act

Delegation of authority

The Delegation of Authority provides for the General Manager to delegate specific statutory duties and authorities under the CCLA to the Security Manager and Deputy Security Managers:

The following Delegation of Authority delegates specific General Manager’s powers and duties under the CCLA to peace officers:

Cannabis and liquor licensed businesses and events

Read Cannabis Information for Liquor Licensees and Permittees (PDF, 339KB) to find out how cannabis rules relate to liquor licensed business and events.

Cannabis promotions and advertising

For information on the legislation and regulations around cannabis promotions and advertising, visit this page.