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You must take the Selling It Right (SIR) course if you are

  • A non-medical cannabis retail store licence holder
  • Someone who sells or supervises sales in a private non-medical cannabis retail store
  • Someone who sells or supervises sales in a government BC Cannabis Store
  • A cannabis Marketing licence holder
  • A staff member of a Marketing licence holder who
    • Promotes cannabis
    • Supervises someone who promotes cannabis


Selling It Right is British Columbia's mandatory responsible service training course for retail non-medical cannabis. The training educates industry members about the responsible sale of cannabis. The course must be taken by those noted in the list above before they are able to work in a non-medical cannabis retail store.


The course cost is $35.00, plus GST.


Complete the Selling It Right course

Complete the course online. Once you take the course and exam, you get your test results right away.

If you pass, you can download a copy of your certificate. Provide your certificate number, issue date and expiry date to your employer.

A PDF print version of the course is also available for those who do not wish to take the course online.


For technical assistance with the course, contact Responsible Service BC.

For questions about the course materials and cannabis policy, contact our client support team.

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