Cannabis advertising and promotion

Licensee responsibilities

The Cannabis Control and Licensing Act regulates who may promote cannabis to sell it. Only people who have a marketing licence or retail store licence can promote and sell cannabis to adults age 19 and over in B.C.

All non-medical cannabis licensees and permittees must be aware of and follow federal and provincial laws about the promotion and advertising of

  • Cannabis
  • Cannabis accessories
  • Services related to cannabis

Cannabis promotion prohibitions

The federal Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations have strict rules around promotions and advertising of cannabis, cannabis accessories and services related to cannabis. These rules restrict advertising and promotions in a place where minors may be or are permitted. 

Read the Cannabis Promotion Prohibitions from Health Canada to find a summary of the rules and commonly asked questions about cannabis promotion prohibitions.

For further information, please contact Health Canada's Cannabis Information Centre by

For information about liquor, visit liquor advertising and online promotions.

If a cannabis ad concerns you, you can submit a complaint.