Non-medical cannabis retail store location requirements

Parcel identifier (PID)

A PID identifies the parcel of real property where a store is located. It is either a nine-digit number or a legal description of the property.

Property in the area of an Indigenous Nation may not have a PID. In this case, you must provide information identifying the parcel from the registry used for that land by the Indigenous Nation.

You can find the property's PID 

Full street address

The address must include the

  • Suite or apartment numbers (if applicable)
  • Postal code

You can’t change the address of the proposed non-medical cannabis retail store after submitting your application.

Local governments or Indigenous nations may have requirements about your proposed store location, including its

  • Proximity to other non-medical cannabis retail stores
  • Proximity to areas where young people may gather
    • For example, schools, playgrounds, daycares, recreation centres

Learn more about local government and Indigenous Nation roles in cannabis retail licensing.

Property ownership or lease

Before a licence can be issued, you must meet certain ownership or control requirements of the property for the proposed retail store location.

This means your application must provide the general manager with information demonstrating one of the following:

  • You own the property
  • You are leasing the property
  • you have an agreement to purchase or lease the property
  • you have a different property arrangement in place, such as a sublease

If you have an agreement to purchase or lease the property, the property must be purchased or leased before a licence can be issued. Leases or other property arrangements must be in place for at least 12 months from the time you receive your licence. 

Self-contained business

Non-medical cannabis retail stores must be located in a permanent building or structure and cannot co-locate with another business.

Shopping Malls

If a non-medical cannabis retail store is in a shopping mall or has another shared common area outside of the store that has been approved by the general manager, the store must

  • Have a separate public entrance and exit from other businesses
  • Not have any direct doorways to other businesses
  • Not have cannabis, cannabis accessories, packaging and labelling of cannabis and cannabis accessories visible from outside the store


A vestibule must be approved by the general manager. The general manager cannot approve a non-medical cannabis retail store's vestibule if the business that will share the vestibule with the non-medical cannabis retail store

  • Primarily offers most of its goods and services towards minors
  • Is an establishment licensed under the Liquor Control and Licensing Act where patrons may consume liquor (other than samples)

If you are approved to operate a non-medical cannabis store with a shared vestibule (such as a foyer) with another business, the store must

  • Not have any publicly accessible direct doorways to other businesses
  • Not have cannabis, cannabis accessories, or packaging and labelling of cannabis and cannabis accessories visible from outside the store
  • Not carry on any commercial activities, including advertising or erect displays in the shared vestibule

o learn more about cannabis retail store location requirements, read the Cannabis Retail Store Terms and Conditions Handbook (PDF, 328 KB).