Apply for a cannabis licence

A retail store licence or authorization allows licensees to sell cannabis and cannabis accessories in British Columbia. 

A Cannabis Marketing licence allows licensees to promote cannabis products of federal licensed producers to cannabis retail stores and people over 19 in B.C. 

Apply for a non-medical cannabis licence

Screening requirements

Learn about security screenings and financial integrity checks for cannabis licence applicants.

Cannabis store applications

If you are applying for a retail store licence, learn about: 

Termination of cannabis store applications 

A cannabis licence application may be terminated for various reasons. The most common are:

  • A local government or Indigenous Nation does not accept the application for consideration
  • A local government or Indigenous Nation does not support the application 
  • The applicant has lost valid interest in the location for their planned store (lost lease, property foreclosure, etc.)
  • The applicant refuses to provide the required information and the application remains incomplete