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Before you start

Cannabis Retail Store (CRS) licences can be transferred to a new licensee if the transfer does not result in the licensee holding or having interest in more than 8 CRS licences. 

The current licensee must initiate the licence transfer in the liquor and cannabis licensing portal by submitting the proposed licensee's:

  • Business name
  • Email address

The proposed licensee will be notified to proceed with the licence transfer application.

The proposed licensee: 

  • Must be at least 19 years old
  • Must be a standalone business, such as
  • Must not be a federally licensed producer of cannabis
  • Does not have to be a citizen or resident of B.C. or Canada


This application requires the following from the proposed licensee:

Security screening

Before transferring a CRS licence, the LCRB must determine that the proposed licensee is fit and proper to hold a CRS licence. The fit and proper assessment includes security screenings and financial integrity checks. Approval may be accelerated if the proposed licensee already holds a CRS licence.

Learn more about security screenings and financial integrity checks.


  • Transfer application fee (includes security screening and financial integrity checks): $500. 

The LCRB starts processing the transfer application after the proposed licensee confirms their information and pays the licence transfer fee.

Terms and conditions

Cannabis retail licensees must abide by the terms and conditions of their licence. For more information, read the Cannabis Retail Store Terms and Conditions Handbook (PDF, 319KB).



Complete the Business Financial Integrity form

Complete the Business Financial Integrity form (PDF, 177 KB).

To complete the form, you will need

  • Names of shares and shareholders
  • Financial information
  • Tax information
  • Funding and debt information


Gather required documents and business information

Depending on your business classification, you'll need to submit different documentation.

The business types include:

  • Private corporation
  • Public corporation
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Society or non-profit corporation
  • Indigenous Nations

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Review and prepare required documents for associates

Both you and any associates will need to complete a Consent for Cannabis Security Screening form. Applicants do this as part of the online application process in step 4.

This form requires:

  • Personal information
  • The application or "job" number from the LCRB
  • Address of proposed store
  • Current mailing address
  • The city, province/state, country and year for each place you resided outside of B.C. at any point in the last five years

Associates (directors, shareholders, partners, etc.) of applicants are required to submit documentation for security screenings and/or financial integrity checks.

Learn about the associate forms you must submit with your cannabis retail store licence.


Upload documents online and pay fees

Once you have gathered and prepared the necessary documents, log in to the Liquor and cannabis licensing portal with your BCeID.

Once you submit, you will receive an application number from the LCRB.

Through the portal, you can invite your associates to complete and upload the necessary forms.

Submit documents online

Next steps

Cannabis retail stores can stay open through the transfer application process. The current licensee must maintain their licence requirements and valid interest until the transfer is complete. 

The proposed licensee cannot operate the licence until the transfer is complete. The proposed licensee may start working in a store before the transfer is complete if they are a qualified worker

Other licence changes, such as structural changes or relocations, must be requested after the licence transfer is complete. See the Making Changes to the Licence section of the Cannabis Retail Store Terms and Conditions Handbook (PDF, 319KB).

Selling It Right

Cannabis retail store licensees need to upload their Selling It Right certificate information. Read more about Selling It Right.


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