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Before you start

Each licence change has specific documentation requirements. Be sure to read the submission instructions for the change you want to make.


As a cannabis marketing licensee, you can

  • Apply to make a permanent change to your licence
  • Apply to make a permanent change to a licensee
  • Submit a tied house notification

Some changes require a fee. All changes can be submitted in the liquor and cannabis licensing portal. 


Apply to make a permanent change to your licence

Making a permanent change to your licence requires prior approval from the LCRB. Apply to: 

  • Request a change in the terms and conditions

Apply Online. 

Apply to make a permanent change to a licensee

You must apply for the LCRB's approval within 10 days of making the changes listed below:

Application fee varies. 

Apply Online 

Tied house notification

A non-medical cannabis retail store cannot hold a marketing licence. 

Where there is an association, connection or financial interest between a marketing licensee and a non-medical cannabis retail store licensee, the LCRB must be informed. The general manager may impose a term and condition on the non-medical cannabis retail store licence prohibiting the sale of cannabis of a particular federal producer where a tied house association exists.

For more information, see Tied house connections. Notify the LCRB within 10 days of the change. 

Apply Online 


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