Non-medical cannabis licences

If you want to sell or market non-medical cannabis in B.C., you need a licence.

Find information about non-medical cannabis licences, including how to apply or amend your licence and what certification you need to work in a cannabis store.

Apply for a non-medical cannabis licence



Cannabis Retail Store Licence

A non-medical cannabis retail store licence allows licensees to sell non-medical cannabis and cannabis accessories in B.C.



Cannabis Marketing Licence

A marketing licence allows marketers to promote the products of licensed federal cannabis producers to licensed cannabis retail stores and people over 19-years-old.

Amend a cannabis licence

Find out how to renew, change, relocate, or transfer your licence. 

Cannabis licensee resources and information

Get resources and information about advertising, social responsibility posters, and associate forms.

Cannabis law and policy

Read about non-medical cannabis law and policy, including your terms and conditions.

Cannabis workers

Learn about the responsible service training you need as a non-medical cannabis worker.

Guides for local governments and Indigenous Nations

Read these guides to understand the role local governments and Indigenous Nations have in the cannabis retail store licence application process.