Food Primary

$950 application fee and first-year licensing fee

12 week processing time

Food primary licences are for establishments where the primary focus is the service of food such as restaurants, bistros, and cafes. Take-out restaurants, mall food fairs, food trucks, and banquet halls without fully equipped kitchens are not eligible.  

You may add a Patron Participation Entertainment and/or a Catering endorsement onto your new licence application at no additional cost. The annual renewal fee for food primary licences are calculated based on the amount of liquor the licensee has purchased from the Liquor Distribution Branch in the previous calendar year.  

Patron Participation Entertainment 

This term and condition permits the active involvement of patrons or results in patrons leaving their seats including but not limited to dancing, sing-alongs or karaoke. There is no charge for this term and condition if applied for with the initial food primary licence. This term and condition requires local government/First Nation input and may delay your application by 90 days.


This endorsement permits the sale of liquor at catered events where a food primary establishment has been hired to provide food service.  There is no charge for this endorsement if applied for with the initial food primary licence.  Catering endorsements add $100 extra to your annual renewal fee.

Temporary Use Area (TUA)

This endorsement permits food primary licensees who operate ski hills or golf courses to extend their licensed activities to outdoor areas on their property up to 26 times a year. To apply for a TUA, complete and submit form LCRB051.