Ethyl Alcohol Purchase Permit

Please note: the ethyl alcohol purchase permit process is under review

$30 application fee

Application processing times may vary

When is an Ethyl Alcohol Permit Required?

Ethyl alcohol purchase permits will continue to be available to:

  • A person engaged in British Columbia in a mechanical or manufacturing business or scientific pursuit requiring the use of ethyl alcohol; and
  • A person who proposes to use ethyl alcohol for a purpose that is not contrary to the public interest

Wineries who wish to fortify their wines with ethyl alcohol require a “user licence” issued by Excise Duty and Taxes of Revenue Canada and do not require an additional permit from the branch.

A ethyl alcohol permit is not required for the following people or organizations:

  • pharmacists, if the ethyl alcohol is for use solely in connection with their pharmacy business in compounding medicines or as a solvent or preservative, or for sale to physicians and hospitals as a sterilizing agent
  • dentists, medical practitioners, nurse practitioners, registrants of the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia, or veterinarians, if the ethyl alcohol is for use solely in connection with their practice
  • hospitals as defined in section 1 of the Hospital Act or licensed hospitals as defined in section 5 (1) of that Act, and the ethyl alcohol is for use only in the hospital
  • universities, for use for scientific purposes
  • branches, ministries, departments or institutions of the provincial or federal government
  • persons who hold a prescription for ethyl alcohol