Inspections, hearings and decisions

Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) inspectors assess applicants and work with licensees to encourage voluntary compliance with:

Program staff also conduct education sessions with new licensees and regularly inspect establishments.

If there is a decision in dispute, the LCRB conducts licensing, compliance, and enforcement hearings.

​Find information about the:

  • Inspection and enforcement process, including
    • Liquor and cannabis seizures
    • Regional offices
    • How to submit a complaint
  • Hearings and decisions

Inspections, complaints, and the enforcement process

The enforcement process follows a specific order. Serious or repeated contraventions might mean the LCRB has to take enforcement action.

Learn more about what happens during the inspection and enforcement process including contraventions and liquor and cannabis seizures.

Find contact information for the LCRB’s regional offices  or how to submit a complaint.

Hearings and decisions

Learn about the types of hearings and find recent enforcement hearing decisions.