Liquor and non-medical cannabis compliance and enforcement

The Compliance and Enforcement Program reduces liquor and non-medical cannabis-related threats to public safety, including

  • Minors consuming alcohol or cannabis
  • Overcrowding
  • After-hours liquor consumption

Compliance and enforcement inspectors assess applicants and work with licensees to encourage voluntary compliance with applicable liquor and non-medical cannabis laws.

Program staff conduct education sessions with new licensees and regularly inspect establishments.

The enforcement process follows a specific order. Serious or repeated contraventions might mean the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) has to take enforcement action.

The provincial law and rules include:

For liquor licensees

For non-medical cannabis licensees

​Find information about the enforcement process, hearings, liquor and non-medical cannabis seizures and how to submit a complaint.

Enforcement process

Learn more about what happens during the enforcement process including contraventions and how to apply for reconsideration.

Enforcement hearings

Learn about the enforcement hearing rules.

Liquor and non-medical cannabis seizures

Find out about liquor and non-medical cannabis seizures.

Regional offices

Locate a regional office near you.

Submit a complaint

Submit a complaint to the LCRB if you see something that concerns you.