Non-Medical Cannabis Licences

The Government of Canada legalized non-medical cannabis on October 17th, 2018.

Cannabis Licensing Application Portal

The Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch is now accepting applications for the private non-medical cannabis retail store licence and non-medical cannabis marketing licences.

Applicants must apply through the cannabis licensing application portal.

The portal also contains application guidelines and an interactive tool to help potential applicants understand what they need to do to apply for a licence.

Decal for Licensed Cannabis Retailers

As of 18 October 2019, the LCRB provides an easily recognizable window decal to all non-medical cannabis retail store licensees, free of charge. The placement of this decal is voluntary. This waterproof and reflective decal is intended to give consumers confidence that they are buying safe and legal cannabis from a provincially licensed store. An image of the decal is below.

buy legal decal

Terms & Conditions

All cannabis licence holders must follow the terms and conditions of their licence as set out in the: 

Worker Information

The Worker Qualification Guidebook outlines the security verification process and the requirements of the Cannabis Control and Licensing Act and Regulations that relate to all cannabis retail store workers.

Associate Forms

Associates of cannabis licence applicants are required to submit additional documentation as part of the application process.

Once an applicant has submitted an application through the portal, please refer associates to Forms for Sole Proprietors and Associates of Cannabis Licence Applicants

Associates are listed on the dashboard of the cannabis licensing application portal.

Further Information

For more information about the retail of non-medical cannabis in B.C. that is not contained within the online application portal or terms and conditions handbook, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information about cannabis regulation in B.C. including wholesale distribution, personal public possession limits, places of use, personal cultivation, drug-impaired driving and more, visit the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General’s cannabis regulation in B.C. web page.

Information for Local Governments and Indigenous Nations

The below guides are intended to help local governments and Indigenous nations understand their role in the cannabis retail store licence application process. Please note that these guides may be updated from time to time.