Non-Medical Cannabis Licences

Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch Response to COVID-19

Non-Medical Cannabis Online Sales

  • To continue to support the growth of a vibrant, legal non-medical cannabis industry and to provide licensees with new opportunities to generate revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic, licensed retailers are permitted to sell non-medical cannabis through an online system, or by telephone, for pickup in store through Policy Directive 20-22
  • Licensees may also sell prepaid purchase (gift) cards that may be used at any of their store locations, or through their online system, for the future supply of non-medical cannabis, cannabis accessories or shopping bags.
  • If you have any questions about this policy, please email

Non-Medical Cannabis Reservations

  • Licensed retailers are authorized to offer reservations of non-medical cannabis products available in their store to customers through their website or by telephone, for pickup and payment in store through Policy Directive 20-04
  • If you have any questions about this policy, please email

Non-Medical Cannabis Licences

These pages relate to non-medical cannabis licences only. For information about personal possession limits, places of use, personal cultivation, drug-impaired driving and more, visit the Get Cannabis Clarity webpage. For questions about cannabis wholesale distribution visit the Liquor Distribution Branch.

Where to Buy Legal Cannabis in B.C.

Follow this link for more information about:

  • The "Licensed Cannabis Retailer" window decal available to non-medical cannabis retail store licensees
  • OrgBook BC – which includes a directory of non-medical cannabis stores legally registered in B.C., and
  • A link to an interactive online map showing legal public and private cannabis retail stores.

Policy, Information and Licence Applications Portal

The cannabis retail portal is intended to be a ‘one stop shop’ containing:

  • Detailed government policy and information related to non-medical cannabis retail stores
  • The store licensing process and detailed requirements
  • An interactive tool to help potential retail store applicants understand what they need to think about before applying for a licence
  • On-line non-medical cannabis retail store licence application
  • Cannabis marketing licence information and on-line application, and
  • Cannabis store worker qualification information and on-line worker verification application.

Additionally, security screening and financial integrity check forms for sole proprietors and associates of cannabis licence applicants are found here.

Please note: There are currently no licences available to allow for cannabis consumption in lounges or at special events, including outdoor festivals.

Cannabis Licensee Terms & Conditions

All cannabis licence holders must follow the terms and conditions of their licence as set out in the: 

Information for Local Governments and Indigenous Nations

The below guides are intended to help local governments and Indigenous nations understand their role in the cannabis retail store licence application process. Please note that these guides may be updated from time to time.

Additional Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) Resources:

Additional Ministry Resources Outside the LCRB:

  • Community Safety Unit (CSU) – The Community Safety Unit is responsible for compliance and enforcement activities against unlicensed cannabis retailers and other illegal sellers across B.C.
  • Liquor Distribution Branch BC Cannabis Stores  – Government owned BC Cannabis Stores are established and operated by the Liquor Distribution Branch. They do not require a licence from and are not regulated by the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch.
  • Get Cannabis Clarity – This web page includes facts about cannabis laws and regulations, cannabis consumption and possession, and provides health, safety and travel information.

For more information regarding provincial legislation, regulations and delegation of authority that inform the LCRB's policies and procedures, visit Liquor & Non-medical Cannabis Legislation & Regulations