Liquor Policy Review

The Liquor Policy Review was conducted by Parliamentary Secretary John Yap in the fall of 2013. Mr. Yap consulted with local governments, First Nations, industry stakeholders, police, restaurant/hotel chains, health organizations, and industry associations like brewers’ guilds. These groups were given the chance to discuss the ways in which they would like to see B.C.’s liquor policies change. Mr. Yap took the feedback he received and turned it into the Liquor Policy Review final report, which was released in early 2014. The report recommended to government 73 potential changes that would modernize and streamline policies while continuing to prioritize the safety of B.C. residents.  

Government has introduced many of these changes already. Some examples of changes brought about by the Liquor Policy Review include happy hours, liquor sales in grocery stores and at artisanal markets, and the removal of lounge restrictions in restaurants. The Liquor Policy Review recommendations are expected to be substantially completed in 2017. You can view the implementation table below to see a list of the changes that have been completed and the changes that are still underway.

Liquor Policy Review Implementation Table (PDF, 58 KB)
Liquor Policy Review Final Report (PDF, 4 MB)
Wine in Grocery Factsheet (PDF, 305 KB)
Engagement Summary Results for the Liquor Policy Review