Liquor Control & Licensing Forms

Please note: The forms below apply to liquor licensed establishments only. For information about non-medical cannabis retail store licensing, please visit our Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Store Licence page.

Due to the increase in demand related to the COVID-19 pandemic, please expect delays in the standard processing time for all licensing applications.

Renewing a liquor licence?

Please visit the Renewing a Liquor Licence page for more information.



Licence/Permit Specific Forms

Effective April 15, 2020, all new catering applications, renewals and change jobs can be submitted through the licensing portal. Catering event authorizations should also be submitted through the licensing portal, subject to public health restrictions. 

If you have a catering endorsement attached to another liquor licence type, catering event authorizations will continue to be processed through OneStop Business Registry, subject to public health restrictions.

As of April 15, 2020, Wine Store licences are available through the new licensing portal. Wine store licensees can submit change jobs and renewals through the licensing portal.



To request services such as

  • Additional copies of your liquor licence
  • Validated floor plans
  • Custom reports (indicating, for example, how many licensees of a particular type in a specific area)
  • Copies of additional documents from licence file (such as reproductions of establishment photographs or blueprints)

 – you need to complete the following form:  Request for Services (LCRB040)

To apply for a charitable auction permit, see the following application:

To report the revenues and expenses associated with your charitable auction event, use the following form: