Selling It Right

Selling It Right is British Columbia's mandatory training program for the responsible sale of non-medical cannabis.

Who needs Selling It Right?

All non-medical cannabis retail store licensees and adults who sell or supervise the sale of non-medical cannabis in private retail and government stores, as well as marketing licensees and their staff require the Selling It Right certification.

How do I get a Selling It Right certificate?

You can become certified by taking the course and passing an exam. The course can be taken online and can be found at

The online program allows you to receive your test results immediately. Upon completion of the course, you can print your Selling It Right certificate right away. The cost is $35.00. A PDF version of the course material is available on the website.

Please note that due to a recent ruling by the Canada Revenue Agency, GST must be applied to the Selling It Right training program.

Need help?

If you need assistance with the course, please contact

If this does not resolve your inquiry, please email