Temporary expanded service area (TESA) authorization

Liquor Primary, Food Primary and Manufacturer licensees can apply to temporarily increase the size of their existing service areas.

The LCRB will accept new TESA applications until October 31, 2021. Approved TESA authorizations expire on June 1, 2022. To operate your TESA permanently past the June 1, 2022 expiry date, apply as soon as possible for a new outdoor patio or structural change (indoor).  See Policy Directive 21-09 for more information.

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Apply for a TESA

Approved TESA authorizations must comply with

Before you start

It is your responsibility as the licensee to ensure you follow all local bylaws and acquire any necessary permits. You will be asked to affirm that you meet all local government requirements.

If you are a Liquor Primary or Manufacturer licensee,

  • Ask your local government how they review TESA authorization requests.

A local government will either 

  • Pre-approve all future TESA applications, or
  • Review each application request individually

If you are a Food Primary licensee

  • You do not need local government approval to apply for a TESA


There is no application fee for a TESA authorization. 

Patron numbers (occupancy load)

The Provincial Health Officer (PHO) orders may affect how many people you can have in your establishment. TESA authorizations expand service areas only.

  • Having a TESA authorization will not increase the approved number of patrons you can have in your establishment.

Licensees must follow all PHO orders that require reduced capacity.


Liquor Primary or Manufacturer licensees

If your local government pre-approved TESA authorizations in your jurisdiction, 

  • You do not need to show evidence that you received permission from the local government to use publicly owned spaces like parking lots, sidewalks, etc.

If your local government reviews each TESA request individually, you must request a letter or email from your local government that includes

  • The name of your establishment
  • Your licence number
  • Your establishment address
  • Confirmation the local government does not object to your application request ("no objection")
  • Permission to use publicly owned spaces (if applicable)
  • Comments (if any)

Upload the letter as part of your online TESA application.

Apply online

Food Primary licensees

Generally, Food Primary establishments are not required to get local government approval to expand their service areas.

The LCRB will continue to process Food Primary requests for expanded service areas without requiring local government approval.

Food primary licensees must follow all local bylaws and acquire any necessary permits.

Apply online

Apply for a permanent structural change

You can apply to make your existing TESA permanent through the current structural change process.

There is no deadline to apply for a permanent structural change, however, approval can take up to 10 months to complete. Applying early for a permanent structural change can help prevent disruptions in business after the June 1, 2022 expiry of the temporary authorization. 

Not all TESA authorizations will be viable permanent patios. Before you apply and pay the fee, it is your responsibility to work with your local government and authorities to make sure the TESA you want to make permanent complies with all local permits, guidelines, bylaws and requirements.


Application fee: $440

  • The fee is non-refundable in cases where the local government does not support the structural change.

How to apply

You will need

  • An updated floor plan that clearly shows the structural change
    • These plans generally require an occupancy load

If you are a Liquor Primary or Manufacturer licensee,

  • Your structural change application will be sent to your local government for their comments.

To apply as a Liquor Primary or Food Primary licensee,

  1. Log in to the liquor and cannabis licensing portal with a BCeID
  2. Go to the "Licences and Authorizations" dashboard and find the licence you want to change.
  3. Select:
    • "New Outdoor Patio" for an outdoor TESA or 
    • "Structural Change Application" for an indoor TESA
  4. Complete the application.

The instructions for Manufacturer licensees vary depending on the licence endorsements. Visit the Change a manufacturer licence page to see which application can make your TESA permanent. 

If you are a local authority

TESA Expiry Extension

Policy Directive 21-09 enables the General Manager of the LCRB to extend all current TESA authorizations to June 1, 2022.

Licensees do not need to apply for this extension and there are no associated costs for licensees.

Local governments and Indigenous Nations had until July 30, 2021 to raise concerns about existing TESA authorizations in their jurisdiction before those temporary authorizations were automatically extended by seven months by the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB).

New TESA applications

New TESA applications will be accepted until October 31, 2021. The LCRB requires local governments to approve new expansions for Liquor Primary and Manufacturer licensees.

If a change to a local bylaw or requirement prevents a TESA to operate, the local authority should contact the LCRB.