View Unverified Bid Results

Organizations sometimes post unverified bid results on BC Bid at their discretion.  Unverified bid results are a list of all suppliers who have submitted a response and (optionally) their total price, similar to the information disclosed at a public tender opening.

Unverified bid results are often used for construction opportunities.  Some organizations choose to post results for all opportunities. 

To view unverified bid results on BC Bid,

  • Click on Browse for Bid Opportunities or Bid Results on the right-hand side of the BC Bid homepage
  • On the Browse page, choose Unverified Bid Results in the left-hand menu. 
    • If you have a BC Bid document number enter it in the search box and click Search; or
    • To view Unverified Bid Results by organization, click on to a ministry or organization name to display their list.  The latest results will be at the top.
  • Click on to a document number to view a list of entities who responded to the opportunity.

Information in unverified bid results has not been scrutinized and is provided prior to determining compliancy or completing any evaluation process.

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