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There are three different templates used for notices on BC Bid:

  1. Standard opportunity notices are used by most organizations.
  2. A custom tender template is used by Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Construction.
  3. A custom invitation to quote template is used for most B.C. government line-item goods purchases.

Some of the notices may have planholder lists which could affect your access to any attached documents.

1. Standard opportunity notices

Once you have identified an opportunity of interest, click on the document number to open the notice and view more details about the opportunity. 

alt="list of BC Bid opportunities"

You don’t need to register to review advertisement details of opportunities.  Information available on a standard opportunity notice includes:

alt="BC Bid opportunity notice"

  1. Notice type (request for proposals, request for information, etc);
  2. Organization name, opportunity title, category(ies);
  3. Attachments, if any (click the Supplier Attachments Exist link to view attached document titles; click the document icon(s) to open or save);
  4. Whether electronic bids (eBids) are accepted;
  5. Organization contact information;
  6. Number, original publish date (date the opportunity was first published on BC Bid that may be useful information if the opportunity has been amended), publish date (date the amendment, if any, was published), closing date and time, time left before closing; and
  7. Summary Details (this is where you read an overview of what the organization is looking to purchase).

2. Custom Invitation to Tender template

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure - Construction group posts road construction and related tenders on BC Bid using a custom template developed for their program.  These tenders have a mandatory planholder list so you will need a paid email or eBid subscription to download the attached documents in BC Bid.  Alternatively you can purchase the hardcopy documents.  See more information and instructions on each invitation to tender.

alt="Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Construction Invitation to Tender"

3. Custom Invitation to Quote template

The corporate procurement group in the Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services publishes invitations to quote using a custom template.  Choose View Print Version in the left-hand menu to access the PDF form you will use to submit a hardcopy bid.  Alternatively, you could submit an eBid through BC Bid; see the eBid ITQ guide (PDF, 229kb).

alt="Procurement Services Branch Invitation to Quote"

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