View Contract Awards

B.C. government ministries post contract award summaries for each competitive opportunity published on BC Bid.  This changed from optional to core policy effective July 1, 2014. Broader public sector organizations may use contract awards at their discretion.  Award summaries are posted after the contract is signed.

Contract award summaries include the successful supplier name, location and award total, if applicable.  They also have identifying information about the opportunity and a link back to the original notice that was posted on BC Bid.

To view contract awards on BC Bid,

  • Click on Browse for Bid Opportunities or Bid Results on the right-hand side of the BC Bid homepage
  • On the Browse page, choose Contract Awards in the left-hand menu. 
  • Click the Search button to view all contract awards in the default date range.  Alternatively you can focus your search by choosing or changing criteria before clicking Search:
    • If you have a BC Bid document number, enter it in the Tender Number box; or
    • Click the dropdown arrow beside Organization to choose a ministry or organization name; and/or
    • Change the date range.

Contract award summaries are displayed below the search criteria. 

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