Submit an eBid

A BC Bid eBid subscription costs $150 plus tax for a one-year period.  You may submit eBids on an unlimited number of eBiddable opportunities during the subscription period.  Any organization using BC Bid can choose to make their opportunity eBiddable.  Opportunities that allow eBids have an "e" character in the book icon beside the document number on the browse page, and also state the opportunity may be responded to online.

alt="BC Bid eBiddable opportuntity in list"

alt="BC Bid eBiddable opportunity"

There are three different templates used for notices on BC Bid.  The steps to submit an eBid vary, depending on the notice type.

You’ll need the following information ready before you can submit an eBid on a standard opportunity notice:

  • A BC Bid eBid account that has been authenticated by the BC Bid Help Desk (see the eBid registration page for more information);
  • The username and password for the BC Bid account;
  • Your company’s eBid key;
  • Your response documents that:

- are within the current size limit specified in the eBid guide (PDF, 152kb),
- conform to format or other requirements, if any, in the opportunity, and
- are saved on your computer or network (not in an email).

A high level summary of the steps to submit your eBid on a standard opportunity notice includes: 

1. Log on to BC Bid with your username and password.

2. Browse to find the appropriate opportunity.

3. Open the opportunity notice by clicking on the document number.

alt="BC Bid start eBid response"

4. Click Bid Response in the left-hand menu.

Bid Response Document Search

5. If there is no existing bid response, click Create.

5a. If you have previously started a bid response that you wish to complete, click on the book icon next to the title of the opportunity under Existing Bid Response Document(s). Please note that if you do create a new response, the e-Bidding key or uploaded documents will not carry over from your original draft response to the new response.

6. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

alt="BC Bid eResponse notice form"

7. On the next screen – the eResponse Notice Form (eBid) - click on Attachments do not exist.

alt="BC Bid eBid attachments screen"

8. On the Attachment screen, type the title of your first document and click the Browse button to the right.  When you find the appropriate document on your computer, click on the filename and then click Open.

9. Continue identifying documents as in step 8 above until all documents have been selected.  Click Submit Return at the top of the screen to upload the attachments to your draft eBid.   The maximum size of each attachment must be 20 MB or less.  If you have more than six to attach, upload the first six and then click again on Attachments Exist; you will find five more empty boxes to add additional documents.

10. To electronically sign your eBid, click on the eBidding Key link by your contact information.

11. Enter your company eBid key and click Submit Return.

12. To begin the submission process, click on Submit Bid Response in the left-hand menu.

alt="BC Bid eBid confirmation before final step"

13. Click OK on the information screen asking if you have completed all steps.

alt="BC Bid eBid review and approve screen"

14. Click Submit Return on the Review and Approve screen to complete the submission process.

15. Ensure you see an eBid receipt on your screen; you can print if desired.  A copy of the receipt is also sent by email to the company’s prime contact email address.

16. If you want to confirm that your eBid is complete and all documents are attached and correct, you can view your submitted eBid.

Go to the BC Bid site, the main BC Bid vendor page or the FAQ page.