Planholder Lists

Planholder lists provide information to businesses about parties that may be participating in a specific solicitation process. Planholder lists are always used on Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Construction invitations to tender and may also be used on a standard opportunity notice for other organizations.  These lists are typically used during construction procurements where known interested parties (such as general contractors) are identified. This information allows businesses such as tradespeople to reach out to general contractors to request participation as a sub-contractor. 

View planholder lists

If an opportunity notice has a planholder list, you can view the list by clicking View Planholders in the left-hand menu of the notice.  You do not need a BC Bid registration to view planholder lists.

alt="View planholders list"

Download attachments

Registration as a user in BC Bid and a paid subscription to either the ebidding or email subscription is required prior to viewing attachments on opportunities with mandatory planholder lists.

Before you can download attachments on a planholder list opportunity:

  • Log on to your BC Bid account with your username and password;
  • Ensure your BC Bid account has a current paid eBid or email subscription;
  • Confirm that the BC Bid account has an associated supplier name.  If no supplier name is on the account, the person’s name on the account will be in the publically available planholder list.

You may have other options to receive the attachments outside of BC Bid if you do not have a paid BC Bid subscription; the summary details on the opportunity will specify if this is available.

A high-level summary of the steps to access attachments on a planholder list opportunity includes:

  1. Choose the Send me Amendments link in the left-hand menu of the opportunity notice;
  2. Click the Submit button on the pop-up screen to add your company contact information to the planholder list; and
  3. Click on the Supplier Attachments Exist link to open or save the attached documents.

alt="BC Bid send me amendments link"

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