Modify your product profile

When you subscribe to the email notification service, you can remove or add categories to your profile for email notifications at any time.

If you see an opportunity on BC Bid that was not sent to you through email notifications, you can view the category used for posting on the opportunity and then add it to your profile so you will be notified of future, similar opportunities. The category used for posting on opportunities is displayed on the opportunity screen, below the organization name and title.

alt="BC Bid category on notice"

The only exception is the custom invitation to quote template for some goods. Contact the Help Desk if you need assistance viewing a category.

A high level summary of the steps to modify your product profile includes:

  1. Log on to BC Bid with your username and password.
  2. Click on My Profile in the left-hand menu.

alt="modify BC Bid product profile"

  1. Choose Product Information to access the main list of categories.

alt="BC Bid product profile"

  1. Click on Your Product Profile to view a list of categories you’ve selected in your profile. 
    Click on one of the three main categories (Construction, Goods, Services) to expand the category and move to the next level to modify your choices.

    Note that a checkmark in the box means that you are viewing the category at the level it is selected.  An X in the box means that a sub-category at a lower level has been selected.  If you want to remove a category from your profile and there is an X beside it, click on to the category name to move down a level where you can remove the checkmark.

alt="BC Bid product profile"

  1. Add or remove categories by clicking on the checkbox beside a category.  See Creating your product profile for more information.  Remember to click the Save Changes button to save the updates to your product profile.

Go to the BC Bid site, the main BC Bid vendor page or the FAQ page.