Find Contract Opportunities

You can view current opportunities that may lead to a contract on BC Bid by clicking on Browse for Bid Opportunities or Bid Results on the right-hand side of the homepage.  Alternatively if you are logged on to your BC Bid account with your username and password, click on Opportunities in the left-hand menu.

  • Access a detailed guide (PDF, 357kb) with step by step instructions for finding opportunities on BC Bid.

The Browse Opportunities page allows you to filter the results based on your preferences. The steps below outline how you can view lists of opportunities.

alt=BC Bid Browse Opportunities screen

  1. You can view a list of organizations with current opportunities on BC Bid if you click the Browse Opportunities by Organization link. 
  2. You can see all current opportunities on BC Bid in one list if you click on Browse All Open Opportunities.
  3. You can click on one of the three main categories - Construction, Goods, Services - to display a listing of all current opportunities in that category.  Alternatively, to narrow the search, you can click on the binoculars icon alt="binoculars icon" beside a main category to view a list of subcategories.  For example, the main Goods category has over 75 subcategories. Click onto a subcategory name to view a listing of just those opportunities posted in the subcategory.
  4. You can search by a title word, document number, date range, or through closed opportunities if you choose the Browse Using the Advanced Search link.

BC Bid email notification subscribers also have the option to browse opportunities using their profile.  See more information about how to receive e-mail notifications or download the detailed guide to register (PDF, 83kb).

Once you have browsed current opportunities, you may wish to view more information about specific opportunities.

Go to the BC Bid site, the top of this page, the main BC Bid vendor page or the FAQ page.