FAQs: Vendor User of BC Bid

Answers to frequently asked questions about BC Bid are below.  Contribute to the FAQs by sending your question to the Help Desk.  You’ll receive a response to your question and it will also be considered for this page.

Find opportunities

Q.   I saw or heard information that an opportunity would be posted on BC Bid, but I can’t find it on the site.  Is it going to be posted later?

  1. BC Bid does not have advance notice of upcoming opportunities.  If you know the organization who will be posting the notice, browse their opportunities only (the first link on the Browse page; additional information is on this page).  The newest opportunities are shown at the top of the list.  If you cannot find the opportunity on BC Bid, contact the organization who will be posting the notice.

View opportunities

Q.   I’ve found an opportunity on BC Bid that I’m interested in.  I need more information – who should I contact?

  1. Click on the document number on BC Bid to open the notice and view the posted information.  If you have difficulty downloading an attached document, contact the BC Bid help desk.  If you can access all the information on BC Bid but need more details, contact the person listed on the opportunity.

Planholder Lists

Q.   Why is my personal name showing up in a planholder list?

  1. If your BC Bid account does not have a company name associated with it, your own name will appear in the planholder list.  You can add company contact details when you log on to BC Bid with your username and password.  Click on Register Company in the left-hand menu and complete the mandatory information before clicking the Submit and Continue button.  The planholder list will automatically be updated with the company details.

Q.   Do all opportunities on BC Bid have a planholder list?

  1. No, only opportunities with View Planholders in the left-hand menu have a planholder list.


Q.   Do I have to have an account on BC Bid before viewing opportunities?

  1. No.  If you are not going to subscribe to either the email or eBid services, you do not need a registration on BC Bid.  You can find and access most opportunities without a subscription.  You will have the same access to opportunities on BC Bid anonymously, without logging on to an account, as you would have if you created an account without subscribing to a service.

Q.   How do I change the password on my BC Bid account?

  1. You can change the password on your BC Bid account by following these steps:
  1. Log on to your BC Bid account with your current username and password. 
  2. Choose My Profile in the left-hand menu and then User Information
  3. Enter the current password, then enter a new password and confirm the new password. 
  4. Click the Submit button to save the change.  If your new password is accepted, you will receive a confirmation message.

alt="change BC Bid password"

Q.   Do I have to subscribe to both the email and eBid service at the same time?

  1. No, you could sign up for email notifications only and add the eBid service at a later date after you identify an opportunity of interest that allows eBids.  You could also just sign up for the eBid service on its own.

Q.   Is there a package price if I subscribe to both services?

  1. The email and eBid subscriptions are separate services with individual prices. 

Email Notification subscription

Q.   Is there a limit to the number of products (categories) I can choose for email notifications?

  1. No, you may choose as many categories for notifications as you want.  You can modify your profile if you want to add or remove categories.

Q.   Can I have more than one email address on my account for email notifications?

  1. No.  Each BC Bid registration can only have one email address.

Q.   How do I change the email address on my account?

  1. You can change the email address on your BC Bid account by following these steps:
  1. Log on to your BC Bid account with your current username and password. 
  2. Choose My Profile in the left-hand menu and then User Information
  3. Click the Add/Edit button beside your email address.
  4. Highlight the current email address and type over it with the new address.
  5. Click Submit Return to save the change.

alt="change BC Bid profile email address"

Q.   Why didn’t I receive an email notification about an opportunity on BC Bid?

  1. The most likely cause if you didn’t receive a notification is that the category used for posting on BC Bid does not match one of the categories chosen in your profile.  You can view the category used for posting and then modify your profile to include that category.

Q.   I do have a matching category in my profile but I haven’t received an email notification.  Why?

  1. Email notifications are usually sent out once per day, in the evening.  The notifications include any opportunities in matching categories that were published the same day.  If you browse on BC Bid and find an opportunity published that day, notification about the opportunity should be included in your email that evening.

If the opportunity was published prior to the same day, go back and check your BC Bid email from the date it was published.  You may have overlooked the link about that opportunity in the notification email.  If you can’t find the email, or require further assistance, contact the BC Bid help desk.

Q.   Why did my email notifications stop?

  1. Email notifications will stop if your subscription period has ended.  Two renewal notices are sent before the subscription expires.  If you do not renew the subscription, email notifications will no longer be sent once the expiration date is reached.  You can log on to your BC Bid account to renew your subscription.

Another possible reason email notifications stop is if your email security program or filter has been changed or updated and is now blocking delivery of the emails.  The BC Bid help desk follows up with subscribers on undeliverable emails if a non-delivery notice is received.  Check with the BC Bid help desk to see if emails are being sent, and then follow up with your IT department if you’re not receiving the emails.

Q.   Will BC Bid automatically renew my subscription?

  1. No, your credit card information is not collected or stored by BC Bid.  Your subscription will not be automatically renewed.

eBid subscription

Q.   How can I confirm my eBid has been submitted properly, with the correct attachments?

  1. eBid subscribers can view current and historical eBids in BC Bid.  See more information on this page.

Q.   Can I change my eBid after it has been submitted?

  1. Yes, if the opportunity has not yet reached the closing date and time on BC Bid, you can amend your eBid.  See more information on this page.

Q.   My company name has changed since we signed up for the eBid service.  How can we update it?

  1. If the legal company name has changed, please contact the BC Bid help desk.  In most cases, you will have to create a new registration and your existing subscription payment will be transferred to the new account.

Q.   The prime contact for the company’s eBid subscription needs to be changed.  How do I change the prime contact?

  1. BC Bid accounts are person-based and if the prime contact for the company is no longer current, a new prime contact should create their own account on BC Bid.  Existing subscriptions payments can be transferred to the new account and a new eBid Registration form (PDF, 204kb) needs to be completed and submitted with the updated information.  Contact the BC Bid help desk for assistance with the process.

Q.   Can I change my eBid key?

  1. Yes, to change your eBid key, submit a new eBid Registration form (PDF, 204kb) with a new eBid key.  The form must be completed and authorized by a company signatory and submitted to BC Bid, allowing sufficient processing time for the change to become effective. 

Q.   Does my eBid key expire?

  1. No, BC Bid does not expire eBidding keys.

Q.   My previous eBid subscription payment has run out and I now want to renew the service.  Do I have to create a new account or specify a new eBidding key?

  1. If the company and prime contact information has not changed, you can log on to the BC Bid account to submit payment for the service and use the existing eBid key.

Q.   I can’t remember my eBid key.  What can I do?

  1. The company eBid key is specified by the company on the eBid Registration form (PDF, 204kb) submitted as part of the eBid registration process.  Your eBid key is the equivalent of an authorized signature for the company and BC Bid will not communicate your eBid key value to anyone. 

If you have submitted eBids in the past, you could view the eBid key used by opening the historical eBid.  Note that if your eBid key has been changed, the key on a historical eBid could be out of date. 

Alternatively, you could submit a new eBid Registration form (PDF, 204kb) to replace the current eBid key with a new key (see "Can I change my eBid key?" above).

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