Email Service Registration

You can subscribe to the optional email notification service on BC Bid.  The service costs $100 plus tax for a one-year subscription.  Emails are sent to you daily with links to opportunities or amendments posted during the day that match categories chosen in your profile.  Included in the email are the posting organization name, document number, category and title of the opportunity.  You may only have one email address per account. 

Additional benefits to the email subscription include the ability to:

  • Browse the BC Bid website by your specific profile of categories;
  • Add your account to planholder lists (where applicable) to download all attached documents; and
  • Add opportunities of interest to your watch list.

You’ll need the following information before registering for an email subscription:

  • Contact details for the account (contact person’s name, phone and email address, and optionally an associated company name, phone number, street and email addresses);
  • A Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card, including the 3- or 4-digit card security code printed on the credit card; and
  • Knowledge of the categories (products and/or services) to choose for email notifications.

A high-level summary of the steps to take to subscribe to the email notification service includes: 

  1. Click the Supplier Registration link in the upper right-hand area of the BC Bid homepage.

alt="BC Bid supplier registration"

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions of Use and if you understand and agree, click I Agree at the bottom of the page.
  2. Enter your contact information on the Self Registration page and specify a username (User ID) and password.  You will have a chance later in the registration process to add company information if you choose.  Click Submit and Continue.

alt="BC Bid email notification"

  1. Click Yes for e-Notification to register for the one-year Email Notification subscription.  (See eBid registration for more information about an eBid registration.)
  2. Click the Submit and Continue button to refresh the page and view the subscription total cost.
  3. Click the Pay Now button to access the payment screen and pay for the service.
  4. You can optionally enter company details on the next screen and click Submit and Continue (or choose to Skip and Continue)
  5. Click the Go button beside Product Information to choose categories for your profile.  See Create your product profile for more information.

Go to the BC Bid site, the main BC Bid vendor page or the FAQ page.