Create your product profile

As part of the email notification subscription process, you will create a product profile in order to receive appropriate notification emails.  You can choose any combination of categories for email notifications. 

Hundreds of users post opportunities on BC Bid and sometimes categories used for similar opportunities can vary, depending on the opinion of the person posting.  When you register you may want to select a broad range of categories that relate to your interest and modify the profile later if you receive notifications that are not of interest in a category.

You’ll need to have knowledge of the categories (products and/or services) to choose for email notifications before you complete the profile.

A high-level summary of the steps to take to subscribe to the email notification service includes: 

  1. Click the Go button on the Profile Setup page immediately following the payment screen during the email notification registration process (Step 8).

alt="BC Bid product profile"

  1. On the Product Information page, click on the words Construction, Goods or Services to expand one of the three main categories.  You cannot select categories for email notifications at the main level.  There are three “levels” of categories – this main level, sub-categories and then an additional lowest level which shows some examples of the areas in each sub-category.  Most subscribers choose at the sub-category level.

  1. You can choose categories on the following screen. 

alt="BC Bid product profile"

  1. Up One Level – moves up one level in the hierarchy
  2. To Top Level – moves to the main level (Construction, Goods, Services)
  3. Your Product Profile – when you select and save categories to your profile, you can view the selected categories on one screen here.
  4. Search for a Product – click here to search through all categories using a keyword.
  5. Save Changes – if you select or remove categories on a screen, click this button to save the changes.
  6. Reset – Removes all selections at this level and saves the changes.
  7. List of sub-categories – to add or remove a category into your profile, click the checkbox beside the sub-category.  You can click on the sub-category name (if it a link) to move to the next/lowest level but most subscribers, and people posting opportunities, choose at the sub-category level.

    If you choose at the lowest level and the opportunity is posted at the sub-category level, you will receive an email notification.

    If you choose at the lowest level and the opportunity is posted in a different lowest-level category, you will not receive an email notification.

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