Amend your eBid

If you have submitted an eBid but want to change or add information, you can amend your eBid.  Your amended eBid will replace the previously-submitted eBid.  The closing date and time on the opportunity apply to the amended eBid in the same manner as the original eBid.  If you create an eBid amendment and submit it after the closing time, your original eBid will be replaced by the late amended eBid.   If you need clarification prior to amending your eBid, please contact the Help Desk by email ( or by phone at (250) 387-7301.

A high level summary of the steps to amend your eBid includes:

  1. Log on to BC Bid with your username and password.
  2. Find and open your eBid.

alt="Amend an eBid"

  1. Click on Amendments in the left-hand menu, and further down in the menu, Amend Document.

alt="eBid amendment"

  1. The amendment will display a yellow-highlighted amendment number. 
  2. The rest of the amendment process is identical to the original eBid submission
    You can add or remove attachments, then enter your eBidding key to electronically sign the amendment, and submit the bid response (amendment) to finalize the process and receive a receipt.

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