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Budgets can be very useful for vendors to understand the scope of what is being purchased in scored solicitations. Some scored solicitations will disclose the budget and others will not. 

Disclosing the Budget

If the budget is disclosed, it may be expressed as a mandatory requirement (e.g. proposed pricing must not exceed $x) or it may be provided as information (e.g. the Province’s budget for all services described is between $150,000 and $175,000 per year). If it’s a mandatory requirement, any submission that offers a higher price will not be considered. If it’s provided as information only, you can offer a higher price, but be aware of the impact this will have to your chances of success if others offer prices at or below the budget stated.

If the budget is not stated in the solicitation, you can ask for it; however the Province may not be in a position to release this information. If the Province is unable to disclose the budget, consider what other questions could provide the information.


Requesting Budget Breakdown

Some solicitations may ask vendors to include a budget breakdown of the price proposed in their submission. The solicitation should be clear on how (or if) the budget breakdown will impact scoring, and what should be addressed.  Ask questions if any of this is unclear. 

Guidance for government RFP writers on requesting budgets can be found in section 4.8.4 of Preparing RFPs: A Ministry Guide to the Request for Proposals (RFP) Process.


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