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You’ve found an opportunity and decide to bid. You’ve asked questions and have written your submission. You’ve sent your submission and are now waiting for results. How can you be sure that your submission was received and will be evaluated?

No matter which delivery option is used for a specific solicitation, vendors may not be certain that the Province has received their submission.  This can be of critical importance, since most solicitations are strict about rejecting any proposal that isn’t delivered in accordance with the solicitation instructions (see Delivering Submissions for more information).

This page provides guidance on how to get confirmation of the receipt of your submission, depending on the allowed delivery mechanism used (hard copy, eBid, or email).


Hard Copy Submissions

If the solicitation you are responding to allows for hard copy delivery and this is the method you use, either hand deliver or courier your submission.  Refer to Delivering Submissions for information on why you should not use the mail.

If you hand deliver your submission personally, ask for a receipt of delivery when dropping off your package.  These receipts can be informal (e.g. hand written), but should reference the solicitation name or number and the date and time when your submission was received; it should also be signed or initialled by the individual who accepted the package.  Keep this receipt, as you may need to produce it in the unlikely event that there’s confusion about when your submission was delivered.

If you courier your submission, be sure to allow plenty of time for the package to arrive on time.  If the courier drops off your submission after the closing date and time, for any reason, most solicitation processes will not consider it.  If this happens to you, contact your courier company; do not expect the Province to make any exceptions even if your submission was given to the courier company well in advance of their deadline for timely delivery.

Be sure that the delivery address is accurate on your package, including the specific office within the building, if applicable.  Your submission will most likely be considered late and rejected without being considered if your courier arrives at the correct office late, even if they were in the right building on time.

Your courier should provide you with confirmation of the time when your package was delivered, that includes  the solicitation name and number, the date and time of delivery, and a signature by the person receiving the package.  It may be useful to include a signature from the receiving office on the courier’s slip, as additional evidence of when your submission was delivered. 

You may also want to email the government contact, asking if your submission has been received.  The Province can confirm whether or not your submission has arrived, but cannot review it before closing to confirm that all mandatory requirements have been met.  Refer to Mandatory Requirements for more information about this.



If the solicitation allows for eBids using BC Bid and you used this method to submit a bid, confirmation of receipt is built into the system. Refer to Submit an eBid for information on eBid receipts and Find your eBids to find out how to look up the eBids you have submitted in the past.

The functionality built into eBidding does not allow the government buyer to access any eBids prior to closing.  Therefore, the Province will be unable to confirm how many files were received or if any are corrupted for your submission prior to the closing date and time.


Email Submissions

Some solicitations will allow for email submissions.  Guidance is available to government staff on how email submissions should be handled, but the actual processes are at the discretion of the office managing the solicitation.

If an automated email receipt is not received within a few minutes of sending your emailed submission, email the government contact asking if it was received.  Do this well in advance of the closing date and time, just in case there’s an issue; you want sufficient time to resend, possibly from a different email account or using a different delivery mechanism, if one is allowed, before closing.  Remember that although the government contact can verify receipt of your email, they won’t be able to confirm whether or not all mandatory requirements have been met.  Refer to Mandatory Requirements for more information on why submissions are not checked prior to closing.

Refer to the Guidelines for Vendors for Submissions Via Email before using email to deliver your submission.  Email includes numerous risks that you should know before using this delivery mechanism.


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