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NOTE:  The SRFP template and guides have been updated in October 2016.  The videos have not yet been updated to reflect the changes made, although this is currently under development. In the meantime, please refer to the Changes to the SRFP Smart Form Template for more information.

These videos provide information for buyers on the process, templates and functionality of the two-page, short-form Request for Proposals (SRFP). Click on the following headings to open the videos in Windows Media Player or play the videos through the embedded YouTube screens below. Complementary to this set are videos for buyers on the SRFP

Overview and Process - When and How to Use the SRFP




Templates and Tools of the SRFP




SmartForm Functionality for Vendors




How to Open the SmartForm in Different Browsers




Standard Walkthrough for Vendors




SRFP - How to Complete a Proposal Form (Appendix A)





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