Vendor Information: Opportunities That May Not Be Posted to BC Bid

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Posting on BC Bid isn’t always required. Sometimes, the Province will direct award a contract without competition, or restrict a competition to a pre-qualification list or selected vendors. 

Direct Awards

Direct awards are permitted under specific circumstances, as per corporate policy (Core Policy & Procedures Manual (CPPM) 6.3.3.a.1).

Refer to Direct Awards for more information.


Competitions to Selected Vendors

Pre-qualification lists (i.e. lists of vendors who have been pre-qualified to provide specific goods or services) are developed as a result of the Request for Qualifications process.

Other opportunities are under the thresholds for posting to BC Bid, and therefore the Province may select three or more vendors to compete on the opportunity. Current thresholds for ministries for posting to BC Bid are $10,000 for goods, $75,000 for services, and $100,000 for construction.

Refer to Request for Qualifications for more information.  In addition, Select a Solicitation Process and Template Guidelines describes when posting on BC Bid is required.


How Vendors are Selected

How does a vendor get selected for opportunities that are not publicly posted?  Some vendors have worked with the Province before, and therefore are already known and may be asked to participate in some of these opportunities. For those who are not in this situation or who want more exposure to government buyers, the following guidance may assist:

  • Respond to Requests for Qualifications that fit your business, in order to be included in the resulting list. Follow steps 2 to 5 found in Decision to Respond to a Solicitation to develop your response. If unsuccessful, ask for a debrief and when the list might be available again for others to be added. Submission Evaluations and Debriefs have more information on this process.
  • Respond to Requests for Information (RFI) and Requests for Expression of Interest (RFEI) that are posted to BC Bid and that relate to the goods, services or construction that you offer. Although the RFI and RFEI will not result directly in a sale, it is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to potential buyers. Refer to Types of Solicitations and Other Opportunities for more information on the RFI and RFEI.
  • If a Notice of Intent (NOI) is posted announcing the Province’s intention to direct award to someone else for those goods, services or construction that you offer, consider objecting to it. The government buyer may not be sufficiently aware of you, and will issue a competitive process if convinced that you are also capable of providing what is described in the opportunity. Refer to Types of Solicitations and Other Opportunities and Objecting to NOIs for more information on the NOI.
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