Vendor Information: Contract Opportunities

Over $6.6 billion is spent every year on government goods and services in BC. Here's how you can find out more information about government contracts.

Contract Opportunities - Currently Available

Find currently available contract opportunities on the BC Bid website. BC Bid is a marketplace where public sector organizations - including cities, school boards, health authorities, Crown corporations and the B.C. government – advertise for a wide range of goods and services.

Contract Opportunities - Advance Notice

The B.C. Government establishes supply arrangements through competitive processes for a wide range of goods and services that are routinely required by ministries and other public sector organizations.

Find out about potential upcoming business opportunities on the Contract Opportunities Advance Notice list. This list of known supply arrangements and their expiry dates has been compiled for vendors that may wish to supply their goods and services to the B.C. Government.

  • Access the Contract Opportunities Advance Notice list (PDF, 415.3 kb.  Also available in Excel format, 92.5 kb).

Last updated July 2018.


  1. The information contained in this document is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon.
  2. While the supply arrangements described in this document may be indicative of future procurements, the Province makes no representations or guarantees that the Province will procure any or all of the commodities in the future. Furthermore, the Province has not yet conducted its market research or prepared a procurement plan including how the Province will approach the market in the future should the Province decide to procure any of the commodities listed.
  3. This Contract Opportunities Advance Notice document includes current supply arrangements held by the Province, and may not be exhaustive. These supply arrangements do not necessarily represent the exclusive means of obtaining the subject commodities. Moreover, these supply arrangements are based on an “as, if and when” requested basis and therefore the Province may not purchase any of the commodities listed.
  4. This Contract Opportunities Advance Notice document is not an invitation to submit tenders or proposals. For current procurement opportunities please refer to the postings available on BC Bid.
  5. Future procurement opportunities may be posted to BC Bid and vendors are encouraged to check BC Bid for such opportunities.

Innovative Procurement Initiatives

It is in the interest of all British Columbians that public sector procurement delivers high quality products and services for the people of B.C.  More information on what government is doing to make it easier for businesses to access opportunities can be found in the BC Procurement Strategy at

As part of the Procurement Strategy, the Province has and continues to introduce a number of new procurement initiatives.  The following programs are those procurement initiatives specifically designed to encourage innovation.

BC Developers’ Exchange

The BC Developers’ Exchange makes it easier for the BC public and tech sectors to innovate and collaborate on digital products and services.  This is an open network of developers, app builders, startups and public-sector innovators working collaboratively on software challenges, while seeding business opportunities for BC tech companies.  Developers work on digital products that improve public services, and BC tech entrepreneurs find code and application programming interfaces (APIs) to grow their business.

Learn more about the BC Developers’ Exchange.

BC Startup in Residence (STIR) Program

Modeled after San Francisco’s successful program, the B.C. Startup in Residence (STIR) program connects tech startups with provincial government business areas to collaboratively and iteratively develop technology-based solutions for public-sector challenges within a 16-week timeframe.

Learn more about the BC Startup in Residence (STIR) program.

Procurement Concierge Program

The Procurement Concierge Program has been designed to match government buyers with vendors’ innovative solutions to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to do business with government, to improve government operations, and to realize best value and increased benefits to British Columbians by using procurement strategically.  It includes both advanced marketing tools to assist with planning what to buy, as well as a streamlined solicitation model.  It can be used to acquire any type of goods and services, and is particularly helpful for those industries that change frequently or have had recent new innovations, or for those times when the government buyer isn’t sure what would best meet the need.

Learn more about the Procurement Concierge Program.


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