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Information on the outreach activities intended to solicit vendors’ feedback and ideas.

Billions of dollars are spent annually on government contracts for goods, services and construction in B.C. As a vendor, sharing your ideas and feedback with the Province can help improve the procurement process to make it easier for both government buyers and vendors who sell or want to sell to the Province.

An example of valuable ideas, feedback and advice provided by vendors to government is the project that involved consultation with small businesses to identify ways to make it easier to sell goods and services to government. The resulting report, Small Business Doing Business with Government Project, includes 12 recommendations to improve government processes for small business and gives examples of outreach activities that could be considered. Most of the recommendations are either complete or underway, all in response to the feedback given by vendors.

The Procurement Transformation team holds outreach sessions on a wide range of topics related to competitive solicitations, contracting and other procurement topics that are identified by government staff, vendors, and other stakeholders. These sessions are sometimes managed virtually (e.g. through an email distribution list, or a live webinar), and sometimes are scheduled as face-to-face sessions in communities across the province. In fact, the development of this website for vendors was made possible, in part, by the vendors who provided feedback.

  • As vendor outreach activities are planned this page will be updated with the details on how you can participate.
  • Bookmark this page to check for upcoming sessions as it is updated periodically with new opportunities.
  • Please email us 
    • If you would like to be included in our vendor distribution list for upcoming outreach sessions
    • With any suggestions on new topics to explore.


No vendor outreach sessions are currently scheduled.


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