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There are a range of opportunities and resources to help vendors understand the Province’s procurement practices.

How To Videos on Government Procurement

  • "Understanding and Responding to Government Procurement Processes" was a two-day course recorded for vendors who wanted to learn how to increase their chances of success in competitive processes such as the Request for Proposals (RFP), and for government staff who wanted to effectively select the best vendor for their requirements. The course has been conveniently segmented into topic-specific short videos that include something for both audiences.

Short-Form Request for Proposal (SRFP) Training

  • In addition to the Vendor Information on the Short-Form Request for Proposals (SRFP), the Province has developed full-day, in-person training on the B.C. government Short-Form RFP for vendors.  
  • This training allows participants to walk through the SRFP SmartForm and learn about the SRFP process, what should be included in responses, and how to complete the proposal form (Appendix A). Each participant will write a proposal and then evaluate others' responses.
  • Attached to the right are training aids that include those used as part of this training (the PowerPoint slides, as well as the sample SRFP and its corresponding Appendix A proposal form).
  • As these courses are offered, this page will be updated with the scheduled dates, times and locations.
  • If you are looking for the SRFP training but none are scheduled, or the training currently scheduled is too far for you to attend, email to request to be notified when more training is offered, or to request a session near you. SRFP training is usually offered in Victoria and Vancouver, but other locations can be scheduled if enough vendors show interest.


No SRFP vendor training sessions are currently scheduled.


Customized Vendor Training

  • For training that is tailored to your specific needs, please contact our customized training facilitator. This training can be anything from a 90-minute presentation to a two day workshop on topics of interest to you regarding general procurement practices: customized training is not available to assist vendors with a specific solicitation opportunity. Note that usually a fee applies for customized training courses, depending on the amount of new material that would need to be developed and the length of the delivery.

Vendor Outreach Sessions

  • The Procurement Transformation team schedules emailed and in-person consultations to gather feedback and advice from vendors. Visit the Vendor Outreach page for upcoming sessions as they are scheduled.


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