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After the contract is executed and all the contract documentation required at the outset is in place, the contractor can begin work. Both the Province and the contractor should keep complete contract documentation as this helps to track progress, monitor quality, and ensure that all parties have a shared understanding of their contractual obligations. This information can also be used to clarify any misunderstandings, and to settle any disagreements or disputes that may arise.

As a contractor, you should maintain contract files with all documents related to the contract. Some of these documents may include, but are not limited to the following:


Pre-Award and Award Phases

  • The original solicitation document (including any addenda) and your submission to it
  • Notes from the bidders'/proponents' meeting, if applicable
  • The award letter/email from the Province
  • Notes from debriefing meetings, if applicable
  • Notes from negotiation meetings, if applicable
  • Pre-work discussions/work plan confirmation
  • Contract finalization items/terms/scope of work
  • Copies of insurance certificates/documents
  • WorkSafeBC letter of good standing, if applicable
  • Tax Verification Letter, if applicable
  • Copies of any financial guarantees and documentation (if needed)
  • Copies of any required certifications
  • The fully signed contract


Manage Phase

  • Project plans/schedules
  • Performance measurement guidelines, forms, etc.
  • Documentation on project deliverables, including the condition and timeliness of delivery
  • Documentation related to performance quality, such as inspections and site visits from the contracting organization, outside reviews, complaints or compliments
  • Monitoring notes/inspection reports provided by the Province
  • Correspondence from the Province and any other stakeholders (letters, e-mails, etc.)
  • Progress reports submitted to the Province
  • Copies of your invoices
  • Fully executed contract modifications, extensions or renewals (including updated Tax Verification Letter, if applicable)
  • Cancellation and dispute resolution materials (if needed)
  • Copies of records identifying receipt of deliverables
  • Notices to comply, stop work orders, termination letters (if used)
  • Minutes of progress meetings with the Province
  • Copies of waivers of moral rights (if needed)
  • Copies of non-disclosure agreements (if needed)
  • All documentation provided to the Province
  • Documentation mandated by legislation, such as WorkSafeBC injury reports


Contract Close Out Phase

  • Verification from the Province that all deliverables have been met
  • Copies of the post-contract evaluation report, if one was done
  • Notes related to any meetings with the Province about what went well and what could be improved


Additionally, as a contractor, you may benefit from maintaining a file of lessons learned to assist with future opportunities and contracts.

See Contract Management (coming soon) for more information on contract deliverables, amendments, monitoring, payments, and performance evaluations.

Refer to File Close Out for the guidance provided to ministries regarding their contract files.


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