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Contract awards are made once the competitive solicitation has identified a successful vendor, or through a direct award process without a competition (sometimes arising from an NOI).  Learn how participating vendors are advised of solicitation results, direct awards are announced, contract finalization or negotiations, and what documentation is usually needed when executing a contract.


Announcing Results

Once the evaluation process is complete on a competitive solicitation, the Province announces the results to the participating vendors. This may occur right away, or after the contract is signed with the successful vendor(s), if applicable. If a contract award results, the award is subject to the contract finalization process.

If the solicitation is an Invitation to Quote for goods that was managed by Shared Services BC, the bid results will be posted to BC Bid automatically; refer to View Contract Awards for more information. 

The Province usually directly responds to vendors who participated in scored solicitations, using a process similar to the following. Refer to Announcing Results for the guidance provided to government buyers.


1. Notify the successful vendor(s)

The government buyer notifies the successful vendor(s) first of the results, usually via email. If the solicitation will result in a contract, a meeting will be scheduled to finalize the contract. See Contract Negotiations / Finalization for Solicitations and Direct Awards.

Some solicitations result in pre-qualification lists or standing offers, where a meeting may or may not be scheduled after notifications. Refer to Types of Solicitations and Other Opportunities for more information.


2. Notify the unsuccessful vendor(s)

Once the successful vendor(s) is notified of the results, the government buyer notifies all other participating vendor(s). This may occur right away, or not until the contract is signed with the successful vendor(s), if applicable. 

Where a contract or purchase order will be issued to the successful vendor(s), announcements are unofficial until the contract or purchase order is executed. It is possible that the government buyer and the successful vendor are unable to come to agreement, which may result in the award being offered to the vendor with the next highest-scoring or lowest-priced submission.

Ministries usually offer debriefs to all vendors, including unsuccessful vendors in scored solicitation processes. Refer to Submission Evaluations and Debriefs for more information, including the benefits of a debrief meeting.


3. No Successful Vendor(s) or a Process is Cancelled

The government buyer usually notifies all participating vendors if the solicitation results in no successful vendor (e.g. everyone either missed mandatory requirements or minimum scores), and offers debriefs. 

If a solicitation process is cancelled after closing, participating vendors are usually notified.  The notification may include a reason for the cancellation and a description of what the Province intends to do next (e.g. re-issue with a revised scope, not purchase at all, etc.).  Cancellations before the closing date and time are usually posted on BC Bid, or if BC Bid was not used, a notification is usually sent to invited vendors.


Posting Results and Direct Awards

Ministries usually post contract award summaries for all solicitations advertised on BC Bid, typically within 30 days of signing the contract with the successful vendor. As noted above, results from Invitations to Quote for goods are usually automatically posted to BC Bid. Contract award summaries for other types of solicitations are usually posted as soon as possible after the contract or purchase order is executed. The name of the successful vendor, and if applicable, the term of the contract and the total aggregate bid price are usually provided in a contract award summary. 

Ministries also post a list of the contracts that have been directly awarded without a competition; refer to Browse Directly-Awarded Contracts for this list.


Contract Finalization / Negotiations

The government buyer will meet with the successful vendor(s) of the solicitation or with the vendor selected for a direct award without competition to complete and execute the contract. See Contract Negotiations / Finalization for Solicitations and Direct Awards for more information.


Contract Documentation

Ministries are required to keep certain documentation in their contract files; refer to Contract Documentation for information on what needs to be kept, and what you – as a contractor – may be expected to provide.


Note:  Effective January 1, 2020, unless certain exceptions apply, all vendors must provide a Tax Verification Letter to demonstrate they met certain tax obligations before the Province may sign, extend or renew a contract valued at equal to or above $100,000 (including all fees, expenses and all options to extend or renew) with the vendor. Find out how and what you need to obtain a Tax Verification Letter


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